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Who we are

Sibton is a trusted system integrator that provides information technology (IT), systems engineering, professional services, Biometrics, cloud computing and cyber security solutions.

What we do

As a leading large-scale systems integrator with professionals with decades of experience, Sibton brings together the expertise, technology and best practices to deliver secure enterprise IT solutions that meet current and future needs with minimum risk and optimum quality. As well, manage large-scale and mission-critical IT programs and provide mission support services.

Sibton drives innovations like infrastructure consolidation and modernization, cross-domain information sharing, cloud computing, Web 2.0 and a constant flood of new applications and IT services.

We support the full enterprise IT life-cycle from designing and integrating to operating, maintaining and securing the necessary systems, networks and equipment critical for mission fulfillment.

How we work

Sibton Communications works closely with our customers to construct and maintain IT infrastructures that are modern, efficient, redundant, scalable, configurable, cost-effective and green.

Big data is expectedly big, but what makes it interesting is the ability to turn it into something manageable. The difficulty in doing this is data sets are so incredibly large that traditional data management systems simply cannot process the information and this is where we step in to make the impossible possible by providing proven and workable solutions.

Data analytics; the ability to capture, manage and analyze such large and complex data sets, could allow for improved decision-making and business practices as well as tailored products and services in many different industries and fields.

Sibtons’s extensive experience in processing proactive cyber security approach enables the delivery of integrated solutions and resilient systems for seamless end-to-end defense. We provide reliable and trusted solutions for securing an organization’s information, systems and networks to ensure confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and availability.

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