E-Government Project

Auditors for e-Government Platform Project

The role of Sibton Communications Ltd is to validate the solution Design and Provide Project Assurance services on the second and third phases of the e-Government platform project that is to be delivered by Huawei Technologies.

The project consist of the construction of and fitment of two National Data Centers in Active- Active configuration and a Backup Data Center facility. A 6 One-Stop Service centers, a call center, an internet Registry, 61 of
Fiber optic network links, Microwave and 4G LTE coverage to other districts covering 46 cities and towns, and connecting 1600 government offices. 

The project will also deliver the deployment of e-Government Applications for Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as the access to these services by citizens. These services will include internal messaging for government ministries department, correspondence in document management, e-health, etc. The construction and expansion of the video conference capabilities of MDAs and an upgrade and extension of voice over IP system for Government MDAs.

Sibton Communications Ltd will be assessing the deliverables on the following; project management framework/policy and producers, quality management plans, Communication plans, system development life cycle methodology, testing methodology plans, and implantations plans. Also, Adequacy of the system/solutions design plans and completed project deliverables will be monitor, measured and controlled to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

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