Transformation of B&D through ICT Infrastructure

The transformation infrastructure will enable the Birth and Death Registry to register all pertaining to births and deaths and pave the way for other registrations that can be done by the Registry in future such as marriages, divorce and adoptions. The system will do this by providing:

  • Registration of all births and deaths occurring in Ghana.
  • Efficient and expeditious issuance of birth and death certificates.
  • Verification of Birth and Death records and certificates.
  • Re-registration upon legitimization.
  • Re-registration upon recognition.
  • Re-registration upon adoption.
  • Production of vital statistics, demographic and associate reports.
  • Storage and preservation of births and deaths records.

By the above the Registry will be a resourceful and responsive agency that will generate, manage and provide timely and reliable vital statistical data essential for national development planning and policy formulation.

The Registry’s will be highly equipped to continue to provide accurate, reliable and timely information on all births, deaths and foetal deaths occurring within Ghana for the socio-economic development of the country through advance information communications and technology upgrade. The Registry’s sole objectives; to register, collate, analyze and publish data on all births and deaths occurring in Ghana will be spontaneous.

The B&D Registry system will include:

  • Capturing and conversion of births and death records into electronic format (data conversion) both at the district offices and the central records division
  • Transmitting information from the field/district offices and the central records division to the Civil Registration (BDR) central database using web application on real time basis
  • Conduct searches for registered births and deaths records per district/field offices and the central records division
  • Print/infill births and deaths certificates both at the district offices and the central records division
  • Perform basic queries and allow for correction and amendment of registered records by authorized officers
  • Perform basic queries and carry out verification of records to avoid double registration
  • Perform queries process and print various vital statistical and demographic reports
  • Maintain audit log files and trails for all transactions for accountability purposes
  • Transmit mandatory information from the BDR central database to the IPRS Central database.
  • Have in-built security features designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent practices and access to information by unauthorized users
  • Register authorized users including their respective roles
  • Scan applicant’s documentary evidence into a document management system
  • Receive a PIN number generated by the IPRS System for an applicant
  • Generate receipts in respect to services offered
  • Establish family relationship (Tree) for a newly registered birth using existing information in the BDR database
  • Marry a birth and a death record of an individual.

There will also be an interface between the Registry’s system with that of the Ghana Statistical Service, the National Identification Authority, SSNIT, the Ghana Immigration Service, the Passport Office, the Electoral Commission, and the DVLA among others. This will facilitate information sharing and also enhance security checks within the country.

Overall Goal:

The ultimate goal of this project is to transform the posture and operations of the Births and Deaths Registry and make it comparable to any first class public sector organization. This is to enable the Registry to be well positioned to deliver on its dual mandate of generating reliable and timely vital statistical data to facilitate policy formulation and development planning in Ghana as well as provide the foundation for a credible legal documentation and identification system for citizens of the country.

In achieving that the registry will migrate from the manual system of data generation and storage to an electronic platform supported by an efficient backup and maintenance system to enhance the processing, management, storage and retrieval of registered births and deaths records.

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